Ways to Reset Your Brain

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Show kindness
Kindness, altruism, and empathy have a positive effect on the brain. Charity and helping others activate the reward system. These neural structures are responsible for the stimulation of desires and pleasures and their positive reinforcement. Making others happy is a great way to make yourself happy.

Do more physical exercises
Sports are associated with improving both physical and mental health. People with high physical activity have a larger brain volume, which is associated with better cognitive performance in old age.

Maintain social connections
Scientific studies show that social isolation harms physical, cognitive and mental health. The development of social ties and the mitigation of loneliness are associated with a reduction in the risk of mortality and the development of a number of diseases. Make some new acquaintances and chat with friends.

Learn new things
New experiences and skills can change the function and even the basic structure of the brain. It can also become a new occupation that develops you and shows new possibilities.



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Taras Chuiko

Taras Chuiko

Traveller, photographer, investor, and software engineer from Ukraine. Instagram: @taraschuiko