I’m Starting an Amazon Business in 2022

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I decided to start an Amazon FBA business.

First of all, what is FBA? Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) means that you send the product to Amazon’s warehouse where it is stored till you receive any orders. The good news is that once your product arrives in the warehouse of Amazon, you won’t be bothered by product delivery anymore.

With FBA, the sorting, packing, processing, and shipment will be taken care of by Amazon, so it gives convenience to the seller to focus on improving the product and the growth of the business.

Benefits of FBA

  • You’ll get free time: You will be able to focus on other aspects of your business or spend more time with your family and hobbies.
  • No more storage: You don’t need to worry about keeping the products in your kitchen or your bedroom.
  • The Whale: Amazon’s reputation is impeccable. Once you list your products there, there are more chances of you making a sale.
  • No More Shipping Nightmares: No need to worry about the shipping and logistics of your products.
  • Amazon Prime: You’ll automatically become part of Amazon Prime.
  • Product Return: Everything will be taken care of by Amazon employees. From communicating with the customer to returning the product.
  • Sell in Volumes: The Amazon FBA fees, and commission that Amazon takes will feel nothing when compared to the humongous volume that you’ll be able to sell on Amazon.
  • Usable Listings: No need to create your listings; you can use listings made by other people.
  • Bundling Tips: Amazon will suggest which of the products will give you more profits.


To start your business on Amazon you need to find the product you will sell. There are a lot of information and courses on how to find a product. But I decided to contact a professional because it is a difficult job and it is important to get a good first product. Then I will try to find other good products when my business will run. So, I found a great Amazon research expert on Fiverr and paid 40$. You can find various specialists there with a budget between 10$ and 100$. You can outsource a lot of things. It will save you time.

After 2 days of waiting, I received a full product research report. The freelancer included:

  • product description
  • Jungle Scout and Helium 10 analytics tools report
  • competitors analysis
  • suppliers from Alibaba
  • profit calculation
  • budget estimation
  • and strategy for launching the product

The next step will be to get in touch with the suppliers and register an Amazon seller account. I already contacted suppliers and registered my Amazon account but I am waiting for a short call from Amazon to confirm my details. It is scheduled in 5 days.

This is my short story about launching on Amazon. I will tell you about my next steps in my next posts. So, subscribe to not to miss them. Thanks for reading. Like and share if you enjoyed the video. See you!



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Taras Chuiko

Taras Chuiko

Traveller, photographer, investor, and software engineer from Ukraine. Instagram: @taraschuiko